What We Stand For


Our designers, pattern makers and sewers are some of the best in New York City’s garment district. From the beginning, we’ve kept our production local to NYC because we believe supporting our local economy is the right thing to do. Since our clothing is made here, we can carefully monitor quality and ensure garment workers are paid a fair wage. Plus, we can iterate quickly to continually bring you better products.

12 Degrees West - Sailing gear for women - Made in NYC - Made in America
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Navigational chart and dividers - 12 Degrees West - sailing gear from women


Every component, every finished garment, and every customer interaction must be a reflection of our high standards. We search out the best quality fabrics and refine the fit countless times until we get it right. Then we work with skilled sewers to create well-constructed pieces that will hold up in all kinds of conditions. We want you to love our products and enjoy them for a long time. And if something’s not right, we want you to tell us so we can fix it.

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As sailors, we are passionate about protecting our waters and minimizing negative effects on the environment. Where possible, we choose partners that share our concern, and materials that are kind to the earth. By producing in the US we reduce our overall carbon footprint. We commit to make thoughtful, conscious choices to minimize our environmental impact and look for ways to build sustainability into our business.

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12° West is deeply grateful to Jon Michael Gimpel/JMRabbit Photography for many of the images on this site. Click here to see more of his work.

Sailing dinghy in the Caribbean - 12 Degrees West