Newport is a sailor’s town

Newport RI Rhode Island Sailing Sailors Town

Newport is a sailor’s town

I love Newport, RI. It’s a sailor’s town. I’m in town for a few days to catch the start of Leg 7 of the Volvo Ocean Race, and I’m absolutely soaking it up. I had forgotten how great it is to be in the company of sailors. Let me explain.

I live, work and sail in New York City. NYC is a great place to live and work. It’s even a great place to sail (Manhattan is an island, after all!). Sailing by the Statue of Liberty at sunset never ceases to give me a thrill (and I have literally hundreds of “Statue of Liberty at sunset” photos on my camera roll to prove it). But while NYC has many things, it doesn’t really have a prominent sailing culture. There are several good sailing clubs in the city, and I sail with great folks both in New York Harbor and out in the Long Island Sound…but in general, sailing is the exception and not the norm. It’s even a little bit exotic.

Not so in Newport. People here pretty much live and breathe sailing. Everywhere you look there are beautiful boats – classics like 12 meters and J Class, as well as newer rocket ships like Comanche and Lending Club. There are Herreshoffs moored next to Hunters. At any given bar, someone is talking about a race they almost won – you know, if only this or that had happened, or not happened :). Bartenders here know how to pour a proper Dark ‘n Stormy. Everyone has raccoon eyes and a sunburned nose. You can wear foulies out to dinner. You don’t have to explain “I look like this because I just got off a boat” – people get it. And there is something absolutely lovely about that.Newport Rhode Island is a sailors town

Once you become part of the sailing community, you crave the kind of understanding and acceptance that only other sailors can provide. It’s such a treat to be in the company of sailors in this sailing town, even for a few days. Newport has a sailing culture like few other places I’ve been. In a funny way, it feels like home.

This quintessential sailing town was the inspiration for our Newport Crop sailing pant. In stretchy, breathable water-resistant material, with great details like deep zipper pockets and articulated knees – perfect for summer sailing in Newport.

Newport Rhode Island is a sailors town; Newport Bridge

Boats in Newport Harbor with the iconic Newport Bridge in the background. Photo by C. Borland.