12° West featured in Cruising World Magazine

Cruising World December 2015 cover

12° West featured in Cruising World Magazine

The holidays are upon us! And we’re super stoked that Cruising World Magazine selected our products for their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Sailors. That’s a holiday treat we won’t refuse! Here’s what they had to say:

Women’s sailing apparel can sometimes make you feel like a man. That’s what Julie Hylton set out to change when she started 12˚West, a new producer of casual sailing clothes designed by and made for women. “We spent a long time focusing on fit,” says Hylton. “And we’re really proud of what we came up with.” The bamboo tees are crazy soft; the skirts and shorts are stretchy and water repellant. The Marblehead Pullover shown here is $85 and features SPF 50 sun protection.

There’s still plenty of time to order for the holidays – and as a bonus, we’ll wrap up your order in one of our cool reusable canvas totes. Happy holidays to all – and to all, good sailing!

12 Degrees West products in Cruising World December 2015